Hogwarts Legacy Falling Through Map

Hogwarts Legacy Has a Fix for Players Falling Through Map

Avalanche Software has finally laid out an official fix for Hogwarts Legacy where some players report falling through the map. It’s still unclear why this bug occurs, leaving characters stuck under the game world. At the very least, the developer is aware of the issue and is looking to patch the problem at a later date.

Some possible fixes for Hogwarts Legacy players falling through the map

As pointed out by Chandler Wood, the community manager for Avalanche Software, this problem has been noted by the developer. The issue comes in different variations, whether it’s a character getting stuck beneath the map or inside objects.

For now as a possible workaround, Avalanche Software recommends that players quit the game and load their most recent autosave instead of continuing on. If players are willing to risk it, they can try running to a place on the map where they can activate fast travel. For some, going east from Hogwarts to the body of water nearby has worked. One user responding to the tweet says that getting on the broom and flying back up to the map has also fixed the problem.

Meanwhile, the Hogwarts Legacy PS5 patch has been delayed several days, with the Xbox and PC patch having gone live yesterday on February 14. According to the patch notes, the update will fix multiple crashes and other stability issues.


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