Horizon Forbidden West PS Stars Collectible

Horizon Forbidden West PS Stars Collectible Is Only Available for New Players

Existing players are locked out of the new Horizon Forbidden West PS Stars Collectible. In celebration of the game coming to the PS Plus Exta/Premium Game Catalog, a special Horizon PS Stars Collectible will soon be available. Unfortunately, for those who have already played the game, it is only available to new players.

Horizon PS Stars Collectible is for new players only

The Horizon PS Stars Collectible will be available on February 21 and be listed as “A Gift from the Past.”

To earn the new digital item, players have to get the following Trophies:

  • Save the Daunt
  • Attend the Embassy
  • Obtain 3 Stripes at a Hunting Ground
  • Used Dyed Flowers
  • First Rebel Camp Completed
  • First Tall Neck Overwritten

For those who have already earned these Trophies, it seems you are out of luck. As explained in the official PlayStation Blog post detailing the new PS Stars Collectible: “This campaign is only available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe members who have yet to earn these trophies.”

Hopefully this can be changed so that players who invested money into the game can also get the Collectible that they deserve.

While this Collectible might be out of reach for existing players, there are still plenty more to earn via this month’s challenges. Oh, and this Sifu Collectible actually rewards players for playing through the first level and beating the first boss.


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