launch window psvr 2 games leaked

Unannounced PSVR 2 Games Leaked for Launch Window

Sony has ended up leaking four unannounced launch window PSVR 2 games, including a sequel to Solaris Offworld Combat. Oops! The “leak” came from the German PS Blog, which has since been scrubbed, but not before a snapshot of the page was archived.

List of leaked PSVR 2 games

As spotted by folks over at UploadVR, the German PS Blog leaked the following games:

  • Solaris Offworld Combat 2
  • Wanderer
  • GORN
  • Project Wingman

Solaris Offworld Combat is brought to us by First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind Firewall games. First Contact ended up confirming the news on Twitter, but didn’t reveal any further information.

Wanderer and GORN both released on PSVR 1. It’s unclear if the leaked games are sequels or next-gen upgrades. In case of the latter, they may or may not be free upgrades as Sony has left this up to developers’ discretion.

As far as Project Wingman is concerned, it’s a flight action game that’s available on PC but never released on PSVR. The game earned positive reviews on Steam and has been likened to Ace Combat.

The PSVR 2 will launch with 30+ games next week on February 22nd.


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