Final Fantasy 16 Overheating PS5 Too Hot Fix

Final Fantasy 16 Overheating PS5 Fix: Is The Game Making The Console Too Hot?

Reports of Final Fantasy 16 overheating PS5 consoles are increasing. Some players on Reddit say that FF16 is causing their PlayStation 5 to get too hot, particularly during boss fights. In many instances, overheating issues are due to the PS5’s vents and fans being clogged with dust. But this overheating issue with FF16 isn’t new, as some users reported the same for the game’s demo. If you believe Final Fantasy 16 is the reason why your PlayStation 5 is getting too hot, here are some solutions and fixes that you can try.

How to prevent Final Fantasy 16 from overheating PS5

Here are some ways to make sure that Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t burn up your PlayStation 5:

  • Switch the FF16 from “Graphics” to “Frame Rate” – In the game’s settings, choose the “Frame Rate” option or effectively Performance mode to make sure that the PS5’s CPU isn’t overly taxed.
  • Turn off HDR – Head to the PS5 settings, Screen and Video, Video Output, and toggle off HDR. This will make the graphics have less color contrast, but it will help in performance.
  • Place the PS5 in an open area and off the floor – This will prevent the PS5 from collecting dust and allow the heat to escape quickly.
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Using these solutions will also help if FF16 is stuttering for you. If you find that the PS5’s fans are running constantly and there is indeed too much dust in the vents, you can follow our guide on how to stop your PS5 from overheating in general.

It’s unclear whether Final Fantasy 16 is indeed responsible for overheating the PS5 or if the graphical requirements for the game have made some maintenance issues more glaring. That said, some users on Reddit report that boss fights in the game (and the demo) have caused a notification to pop up saying that the PS5 was getting too hot.

For more Final Fantasy 16 news, Square Enix has acknowledged that the game won’t satisfy the whole fanbase.


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