Rise of the Ronin download size PS5

Rise of the Ronin Is a Big Download But You Can Pre-load a Week Before Launch

PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin won’t exactly be a small game, with its download size sitting at just under 100 GB. The good news is that Sony is giving players an opportunity to pre-load the game a week in advance so there will be plenty of time to make some space or invest in storage expansion.

Rise of the Ronin download size is 96.343 GB

According to PSN scraper PlayStation Game Size, Rise of the Ronin is currently 96.343 GB on the back end. The game version appears as 1.001.001, indicating that there may be a day-one patch. However, it’s unlikely that the day-one patch will have a major impact on the download size.

PlayStation Game Size didn’t say which region’s network they found the listing on. Worth noting that European versions of games tend to be bigger in size because of multiple language packs. North American versions tend to be the least heavy.

Whatever the case, players can begin pre-loading Rise of the Ronin at midnight on March 15 irrespective of which version of the game they have. The launch date is March 22, and review embargo will lift a day early on March 21. Expect previews to drop next week.


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