Ghost of Tsushima PC

Some Ghost of Tsushima Fans Are Really Upset About the PC Port

Yesterday’s announcement of Ghost of Tsushima‘s PC port hasn’t gone down well with some folks in the PlayStation community. A number of angry threads created in the game’s Steam community hub — possibly made in jest — have been making rounds. But it’s the PS Blog comments that stand out because a large number of them come from legitimate PSN accounts with an actual history on PlayStation.

Why Ghost of Tsushima PC port news riled up some PlayStation players

Some folks strangely argue that PlayStation exclusives have lost their luster because they eventually make their way to PC. Although the gap between PS5 and PC releases seems to be narrowing in some cases, Sony still isn’t doing day-and-date releases so this argument makes little sense.

“PC is getting more first-party games this year than PS5,” complained one commenter. “PlayStation cares more about PC than us,” wrote another. “The most profitable gaming company is Nintendo who doesn’t have a single game officially on PC,” argued a third.

It appears that these folks skipped the news of PlayStation’s lack of profit growth becoming a headache for Sony. It was only recently that interim PlayStation boss Hiroki Totoki highlighted the urgent need to increase profits as the cost of doing business continues to rise.


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