Spider Man 2 Debug Mode

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update Launches With Debug Mode, Can Corrupt Saves

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 received a new update today, but with a great patch came a greater problem.

By simply pressing a couple of buttons, players have found they are able access the game’s Debug Mode. Insomniac Games has warned that doing this can corrupt your save files and mess up your trophy progress, but that hasn’t stopped others from messing around in the developer menu.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 debug mode may contain upcoming DLC hints

Despite the warning, several players have been tinkering with the game’s debug mode and have found what look like hints to upcoming DLC content. Some have found a story arc for a character that is yet to be seen in the game and details for this can be seen on ResetEra. Those details corroborate the name of one of three free DLC packs that were leaked in an internal Insomniac Games presentation back in December. The developer is yet to officially confirm that any DLC will be released for the game.

Other players have been messing around with the game in different ways. Some have discovered a Digital Foundry mode that displays the screen resolution and framerate. Others have turned on invincibility mode and altered other game parameters. Meanwhile, another used debug mode to skip to the game’s final cutscene and unlock the new “Once More, With Feeling” trophy for completing the game in New Game+ mode.

Insomniac has said “there’s a hotfix on the way” to patch out access to the debug mode. In the meantime the developer has said that “using this menu could corrupt your saves and trophy progress.” However, “there is no risk associated with playing the game as intended”.

Today’s version 1.002 update includes the aforementioned New Game+ mode as well as new story symbiote suit styles, golden gadget styles, a shared Suit Tech slot, mission replay, photo mode updates, and plenty more.


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