Starfield: a spaceship flying through a wormhole that's opened up.

Report: Starfield PS5 Port Not Currently in Development

Despite the severe popularity dive Starfield has taken these past few months, no doubt many PlayStation owners would still be interested in playing. However, despite Microsoft not ruling out bringing Bethesda‘s new IP to PS5, it may not be happening any time soon.

Still maintains Xbox exclusivity for now

According to Windows Central managing editor Jez Corden, no one officially associated with Starfield is currently working on a PS5 port. Corden is said to have “great sourcing” on this.

Another post says it just “isn’t in development right now.” While there’s hope that a PlayStation version could happen further down the line, we’re unlikely to see any announcement on that front in this year. Corden then says, “who knows what the industry looks [sic] like in 3+ years.”

Given that some Xbox exclusive games will be made available on PS5, many will be holding out they’ll be able to see Starfield join the ranks. For now, it will remain close to Microsoft‘s chest.

Currently, Starfield has a review score of “Mixed” on Steam. A new update for the game has recently been sent out, which offers hundreds of fixes. There’s also talk of the “Shattered Space” DLC hopefully coming soon. Whether this will see an uptick in the game’s popularity remains to be seen, but it’s been a pretty disappointing journey for Starfield so far.


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